Heating water is considered to be the highest consumer of energy in homes and in businesses, which is why alternative water heating solutions are quickly becoming a major factor in saving energy in the South African and International markets.

5-year warranty
20-year life expectancy


Adzam Solar has manufactured and supplied over 4700 SWH systems to the Department of Energy since 2016, not to mention various other private projects. Our factory was designed for mass manufacturing of flat-plate collectors (panels) for SWH Systems and can products up to 3000 units per month, which is testament to our dedication to delivering SWH solutions on medium- to large-scale projects.

Advantages of Solar Water heating

Solar energy is free and works! Even in cloudy weather conditions.

Solar thermal panels are efficient – up to 80% radiation from the sun is turned into heat energy.

SWH reduces your carbon footprint for a positive impact on our environment.

They do not take up a lot of space and are not intrusive. A typical house only needs 2-3 panels to heat the water in their homes.

They are easy and cost-effective to install.

You will have hot water throughout the year, which is especially important considering the threat of load shedding that South Africa faces.

They are durable, with a life expectancy of 20 years.

What makes our Solar Water Heating system special?

Our indirect SWH system not only ensures that it is freeze-resistant during the colder seasons, it also protects it from water of poorer quality. The fact is, a large part of South Africa has water with high lime content which leads to lime build-up in the storage tank, similar to what happens in kettles. The only way to protect the system from the lime build-up and other water quality problems is by making it indirect.


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